Art and craft is the skill of making things by using your hands. Most arts and crafts are hobbies. Both adults and children generally enjoy doing crafts. Children who are still developing, need to do art and crafts to ensure their brains develop. Through this, children can express themselves in different and imaginative ways. Engaging a child in creative activities helps them to develop in different ways which we’ll outline below.

Improving Coordination

Art and craft require children to use their hands in certain ways. Simple activities like using scissors can help improve a child’s ability to do things like tying shoes. When kids use their hands to do art, they improve their fine motor skills. They also improve their coordination, and they are easily able to use both hands at the same time.


When you are doing arts and crafts, you can engage the child with small talks about the craft. This will improve their communication skills, even in other areas. During the talk, they can also pick up vocabulary from the conversation. The parent can also better understand their child’s feelings, as expressed through their crafts.

Critical Thinking

In making crafts, you make choices depending on what you want. A child making a truck can choose the colour and size of the truck. After the final product, it is easy for them to know whether their decision was right They can even choose to do it differently the next time. When you take them to buy materials at an arts and crafts shop, they can easily pick what they need. This improves their critical thinking skills.


Self-esteem is all about positivity around your self-worth. Once a child can do the crafts by themselves, it improves their view of themselves. It helps them understand that it is okay to make mistakes, and they can turn the mistakes into new ideas. This skill is useful in life as many challenges await and without self-esteem, it is not easy to deal with them.


When making crafts, children get to interact. They can share ideas about different crafts that they can make. This enables them to be even more open to ideas. During these interactions, they make friends.

Arithmetic Development

During arts and crafts, kids count and use different shapes and sizes. Through this, their mathematical skills improve. When they start school, they will be able to count better and understand different sizes.


A child who engages in arts and crafts can come up with new ideas from the crafts. You can buy art and craft materials from art shops. These materials will help them to retrieve different ideas from their imagination, thereby improving their artistic abilities. If you are looking for crafty shops, you can visit websites like TheWorks who sell all kinds of arts and craft materials.

Art and craft are important for the overall development of children. You can encourage your children to do crafts by buying them materials such as marking pencils, colouring books, and other fun and engaging things. This will all go towards ensuring good overall development of your child.